Our Test Kits are marketed to Siberian breeders only.  We have tested cats from many breeds, but only found substantial changes in Siberians.  About half of Siberians have allergen levels lower than normal, and only a few have levels low enough for homes with severe allergies. 

We provide the only accurate test method for saliva testing Fel d1 levels in kittens. Siberian catteries who currently offer tested kittens are listed below.  Kitten buyers who intend to purchase a tested kitten may Email us for verification of test results.  Please note: We only disclose test verification and allergy warranty information about catteries. 

Only Siberian catteries currently offering Fel-d1 testing of kittens, and who have tested kittens within the prior year are licensed to use the copyrighted allergen charts on our website.  We recommend catteries test entire litters, as only 15% of Siberians have allergen levels in the lowest two allergen levels.  Kittens in a single litters may vary from very low to full normal. 

The catteries below offer very different warranties.  Refunds vary from 50% to 100%. Return windows vary from 7 - 90 days.  Most catteries require the customer is responsible for pickup and return of the kitten. Please review allergen guarantees prior to purchasing a kitten.

Our Allergen page will help you understand if a Siberian would be a good fit for your family. Even low Fel d1 Siberians can cause severe allergic reactions.

Catteries listed have tested kittens through us within the past year.  Each one raises kittens in different ways, and has their own policies.  When selecting a cattery, ask about required deposits and refund policies. We recommend choosing a cattery that offer a full refund for 30 days.  

Catteries testing entire litters of kittens

Angara Siberians ~ Boston MA

Daisley Siberians ~ Vancouver, WA

Glorious Siberians ~ Vancouver, WA

Lundberg Siberians ~ Stayton, OR

Rozhenitsa Siberians ~ Roseburg, OR

SiberLove Siberians ~ Roseburg, OR

Sullivan Siberians ~ Garden Valley, ID

Sibericat Siberians ~ Port Hope, ON.  Canada & US

Martin Siberians ~ Quebec, QC.       Canada  

Blue Eyes Siberians ~ Quebec, QC   US Sales.  **

Catteries offering buyer-paid tests of single kittens

FL Sunshine Siberians ~ St Augustine, FL

**  Blue Eyes Siberians handles US sales for Martin Siberians.  Refund policy for US customers is limited.

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