or if you have chronic allergies, the following suggestions can help reduce buildup of Fel d1 and other cat allergens in the home.

Routine bathing removes a large amount of allergens present in the fur. Your cat will still produce the same amount of Fel d1 allergen, but the amount in the home will be lower.  Weekly bathing your cat reduces household airborne feline allergen levels by 45%.

Moistening your pet prior to combing reduces allergens released into the air during grooming. Allerpet Grooming Solution works well to moisten the hair, removes oils and deactivates allergens. It also prevents the fine undercoat from floating into the air during grooming.

Place washable throws on any area your cats like to sleep. Include couches and chairs as well as climbing stations and cat beds. Wash all throws weekly in hot water, detergent and borax to remove and deactivate allergens.

Frequent vacuuming rugs and soft surfaces reduces allergen levels.  Air out the house after vacuuming, and damp mop hard floors and wipe hard surfaces.  When possible, replace carpets in bedrooms with washable hard flooring.

Clean and change litter boxes frequently to reduce Fel-d1 and other allergens.  Keep the litter box out of your living area, and never put it near air vents (or air returns).  The highest concentrations of many allergens are found in the litterbox.  Place the litter box in the garage or a room that can be vented to the outside. Young kittens get dust on their coats from powdery litters, which tracks irritants and allergens into the house. Try different types of litter, as many types have irritants or perfumes which will cause allergic reactions.

People with mild  cat allergies may be able to allow their cat in the bedroom. Individuals with severe or dangerous allergies should have an allergen-free room for sleeping. If allergies persist, always keep your cat out of the bedroom.

High efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters are high-efficiency air filters, and are  good at removing very small particles like Fel d 1.  Running a HEPA filter and keeping your cats out of the bedroom reduces airborne allergens in the bedroom in half.

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