We provide test kits for measuring allergen levels in Siberian cats or kittens.  There is a large variation within Siberians, and even within a single litter. No other breed has been shown to have the same reduction in allergens. 

For additional information about testing, send an Email and include the following information:  We will send details regarding test procedures along with payment instructions. 

  • Cattery Name
  • Contact Individual
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Test kits include all materials and forms needed, and prepaid laboratory fees. We will walk you through the collection procedures and assist in interpreting results.  Due to the very small amount of saliva to be collected, special laboratory processing is required. Additional fees will apply for express mail, rapid turn-around at the lab, non-US mailing, and currency transfers.

We accept payment by PayPal or US Check. Payments sent through PayPal must be submitted through the “Friends” transaction tab, or all PayPal fees must be paid by the customer.  

US & Canada Pricing

Testing Fees ~ Request a quotation

  • Test Kit & Mailing                              $150
  • License Fees and Discussion             $75     (per cat)
  • Lab Fee: Indoor Biotech Fees          $275    (per cat, 3 samples)

For each cat/kitten to be tested, submit the following information.

  • Call Name or Tag Color
  • Color or Distinct Markings
  • Date of Birth
  • Registered Name (not required).

Returns / Refunds

      The $150 cost of the Test Kit is non-refundable.  

  • Lab and License Fees will be refunded for Kits returned within 90 days. 
  • Only the Lab Fees wil be refunded for returns after 90 days or for opened kits.


Our tests kits are processed by Indoor Biotechnologies. Processing time is 7 days from receipt of samples.  KittenTesting reserves the right to provide verification of allergen levels from tested kittens if contacted by prospective kitten buyers, but will not disclose any other information.  

The information and discussions on this website are copyrighted.  The allergen tables, use of allergen levels to describe kittens, use of allergen levels to describe allergen severity, and other information is copyrighted and use thereof is restricted to the testing catteries listed on the site.  All other commercial use is restricted.

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